How to Seduce Men: Simple Tips to Make Them Want You

How to Seduce Men
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Body talk

Want to become a temptress that no man can resist? Maybe you've experienced that instant animal attraction, and you simply have to take things to a physical level with someone you've had your eye on for a while?

Read on for all of our tips, tactics and techniques. These suggestions won't just show you how to seduce any man, but will also give your confidence and sexual prowess a boost too!

How to seduce someone you've only just met

Sometimes, attraction is just instant. Some people seem to have a magnetism that draws you to them sexually right away, and you find yourself fantasizing about physical encounters within moments of meeting them.

This type of sexual attraction is completely normal and has been going on since time began. Embrace those strong urges! All you need to do is learn how to seduce someone you may have only known for a few minutes.

Knowing how to entice a man can not only help you get closer to the object of your desire. It can help you get to know them on another level too. It's just as important if you want to forge ahead with your plans for seduction.

Despite your best efforts, not many people are going to be willing to jump into bed with a complete stranger off the cuff, so you'll need to spend a little time getting to know them and what makes them tick before you start dropping hints that you find them attractive.

Come on too strong in the initial hour of meeting them, and you might come across as pushy or desperate. Be alluring, play it cool at first and try and get to know them as a person rather than the object of your desire.

Offer to buy them a drink, talk about shared interests, and find some common ground as this serves as a great foundation to seduce someone. Keep in mind that some people don't just go on physical attraction alone and often seek a mental connection to be really attracted to the other person.

Remember, the art of seduction depends as much on the mental as it does the physical aspect, so learn how to really listen to the person that's got your heart racing. Work on being a good conversationalist, by staying up-to-date on current affairs, being interested in a range of subjects and hobbies, and you're certain to be able to find some topics that you are both interested in. This simple rule will ensure you create a deeper connection – making it much easier to tempt your target!

You might find that as time passes, your desire for this person grows. But, it's also possible that the opposite might occur as not all personalities gel well together. With this in mind, spending that short time striking up a conversation can help you be certain you do feel that all-important spark before you unleash your inner temptress and dip into your repertoire of how to seduce someone.

If they don't seem all that interested in what you have to say or you find their attention flitting to others around the room, cut your losses as the sexual chemistry might be one-way traffic only. If that's the case, your sizzling seduction is likely to lack the heat you crave. Take it as a sign not to waste your energy and seek out a new potential partner elsewhere.

However, if the object of your desire seems to be hanging on your every word as you chat, taking you in on the sly and there's plenty of smiling going on, you're good to go. Those are all subtle signs that you have the green light to take things a little further and see where this new friendship could potentially take you.

By following this guide, you'll be armed with an arsenal of seduction weapons that will help you discover how to seduce any man, so read on to find those important signals, body language cues and techniques that will have him begging to spend more time with you.

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Body talk

Knowing how to seduce a guy very much depends on the person and what really gets them going, so even if you don't know them all that well at this stage, studying their body language can clue you in. This non-verbal communication is one of the biggest giveaways that the sexual attraction between you is starting to ramp up.

Anyone can learn to recognize a few basic body language cues that mean that the person that you want to get to know better on a physical level is receptive to your attention at this stage. Being able to identify these tell-tale signs can also give your confidence a boost if you're feeling a little nervous.

For example, if he's inching closer, his body seems relaxed and he's starting to lean back in his chair with his legs slightly apart, things are looking good. Now you can start to take things up a notch in your seduction masterplan.

Knowing how to seduce a guy means that in addition to picking up his body's indicators of attraction, you'll also be aware of and in control of your own body language too. Mirror his stance, begin to get a little closer and don't be afraid to throw in a few flirtatious suggestions or giggles as this will let him know that you're open to the idea of taking things a stage further and that any sexual attraction he has for you is most definitely reciprocated!

These techniques don't just work on people you've only just met either, so if you want to know how to seduce a guy, you've known for years or are currently in a long-term relationship and want to spice things up a little, think about your body language and be sure to show off your flirtatious side when you're feeling in the mood.

You can also sneak in a few suggestive touches on the neck or a cheeky brush against them as you pass by if you want to speed things up a little. Master the art of that casual glance, lingering hand on the arm or flirtatious smile, and you can be confident that you are well on your way to knowing how to seduce any man you want.

Time to take your seduction plan to the next level

If the object of your desire continues to give off all the right signals as your conversation develops, your body language mirrors his own. Your hand casually lingers on his arm or leg, now is the time to start thinking about how to seduce a man in bed.

Whether this is a new relationship and you've not yet taken things to a more physical level or you've been together for some time and want to try something a little different, having a few exciting, tempting and steamy ways to seduce your man in your repertoire can make the seduction all the more exhilarating.

How to seduce a man in bed very much depends upon the person. Some men are highly visual, for example. If you have picked up on this, you'll know that one of the best ways to seduce your man is with some sultry new lingerie. If the object of your lust prefers mental stimulation first to really get them in the mood, that could mean whispering sensually in his ear about what you'd like to do, or what you'd like to do to him. It could mean sending a few seductive snaps to let him know what's waiting for him when he gets home later in the day or sharing a secret fantasy with him.

  • If you really want to master the art of how to seduce your man in bed, think about things that have worked well in the past.
  • Pick up clues by studying their body language or being aware of their likes and dislikes.
  • Ask them what their ultimate fantasy is, what they'd like to do to you or what they want you to do to them.

Remember that touch, eye contact and flirtatious suggestions all go a long way to setting the tone for seduction. Anyone can learn how to entice a man by being observant, tuning in to desires and turn-ons – but if you're at a loss, why not just ask that person? Intimate talk, sharing mutual desires and wants can be incredibly arousing and, few men can resist a confident woman who is open about what she wants.

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Women seducing men: turn on or turn off?

It's no secret that women have been seducing men for centuries, but as women become more and more sexually empowered, seduction has become part of showing men what they really want and that we know exactly how to get it!

Many men find women taking charge a real turn on as it goes against the age old misconceptions that see the female sex as less in sync with their sexual desires and needs. In fact, this couldn't be further from the truth, and many people find a little female dominance a real turn-on. Tapping into this feminine power and embracing your sexuality is a great tool when it comes to discovering how to entice a man.

The way how women seduce men has changed over the years, of course, with simple flirtations giving way to more obvious signs that seduction could be on the cards, but often the most powerful and effective techniques are very much down to personal choice.

If you're new to the idea of women seducing men and want to give it a whirl for yourself, remember that confidence really is everything! To seriously ramp up your sex appeal and seduce your man when the mood takes you, you'll need to be clear about your intentions and ooze confidence from every pore, as confidence is a trait that many of us find attractive in the opposite sex.

If you feel like slipping on something that makes you feel sexy and ready for action, then go for it, but in many cases, a bit of assertiveness and suggestive actions are usually enough to get the ball rolling in the bedroom. Being clear about desires is one of the key ways that women have been making their intentions known for decades.

Try taking the lead with a little playful dominance and be sure to be very verbal about what you're planning to do next. Communication helps to build the anticipation for both parties, and if you set out exactly what's to come, you can be sure that you will soon have your man begging for more.

It might take you a while to recognize this new sexual side of yourself, and it's very normal to feel shy, but as you start to feel more comfortable, your confidence will also start to grow, and you'll be rocking your new temptress persona in no time!

If you're ready to take more of a leading role in your physical relationships, why not try experimenting with some other techniques that women seducing men have found to work well?

  • Trying a change of location, for example, can keep things fresh and exciting in the bedroom, kitchen or anywhere else that takes your fancy.
  • Introducing role play is also very popular – if you aren't sure where to start, think about what your partner's ultimate fantasy is. Do they get turned on by the thought of sex at the office? Or love nothing more than a woman in uniform?
  • There's a huge range of toys for couples designed to heat things up for adventurous twosomes. Some toys can be controlled by an app by your partner no matter where they are. Or, for something less high-tech, a pair of handcuffs or a blindfold can seriously raise temperatures.

Our top seduction tips for men

If we had to list our top seduction tips for men, then these little gems of seduction know-how would be it! Why not give them a whirl yourself this weekend and see how long it takes before you become completely irresistible and know exactly how to seduce any man that crosses your path?

Show off your assets

If it's your curves, super smooth skin or bumps in all of the right places that had him hooked from the start, make sure you choose an outfit that showcases your best assets and gives you a little confidence boost too!

One of the best seduction tips for men is making sure that your best points are visible, so find something in your wardrobe that has that wow factor. Remember that you also need to be comfortable to feel confident and showcasing your assets doesn't have to mean something skimpy. If you don't feel confident in a skin-tight top but love to show off your legs, a pair of stockings or your favorite high heels to max up your legs can be just as alluring.

Knowing how to entice a man visually can often need a bit of fine-tuning as not every guy will find the same look attractive. What's most important here is that YOU feel good about your appearance as having that air of self-assurance can go a long way to catching the eye of that certain someone.

Confidence is key

As we've already discussed, confidence is sexy and can go a long way to seducing the object of your affections.

Be clear on what you want (and what you want to do) by leading the way, and he'll soon be putty in your hands!

If you're not exactly feeling the confidence flow through you right now, then fake it 'til you make it and step into a whole new persona or role. This can help you get into the right frame of mind and show you how to entice a man with just a simple change of mindset. Beyonce is well-known for her alter-ego Sasha Fierce. Channel her empowering vibes by embracing your own seductive, sulty and kick-ass persona.

Be playful

Another of our favorite seduction techniques to use on men is to be playful and cheeky as this often raises far more than a smile.

Playfulness is great if you're just starting out on your how-to entice a man learning journey. Think of ways that you can be a bit cheeky or naughty without drawing the attention of others while you're out in public.

Think about witty remarks that you might throw their way or playfighting as a starting point and work your way up from there.

However, blatantly throwing yourself at a guy smacks of desperation and can come across as a little needy. Be flirty without being too full-on and don't forget to innocently brush his leg or arm when the opportunity arises.

Be tactile

When it comes to seduction techniques to use on men, touch is definitely a winner!

Our skin is our largest body organ. It is covered in millions of nerve endings making every single touch electric if given by the right person. Use the power of touch to your advantage, and you'll soon see how to seduce any man through simple strokes or innocent seeming brushes that can really speed up your seduction plans.

Even a simple touch of the hand or moving the hair out of their eyes can be incredibly impactful. Don't be afraid to start small and build things up a little if the feeling is mutual. Feeling bolder? A sultry whisper in the ear, a lingering glance or caress can really up the ante.

Eye contact

Our eyes can convey what we're thinking without saying a word, so don't forget to bat those lashes or give a little wink as these seduction techniques to use on men are pretty obvious to even the most clueless individuals!

Be sure to hold his gaze for a second or two longer than normal, and he'll soon get the message. In fact, this is one of the most basic of weapons to have in your arsenal when learning how to entice a man and as a bonus, it can be done pretty much anywhere!

By now, these seduction techniques should have given you a few ideas for making your intentions clear and signaling that seduction is on the cards. That said, knowing how to sexually attract men so you can get a little closer to them in the first place can be a little more challenging.

Men are all individuals. What one finds attractive another might see as a turn-off, so it's worth finding out what floats their boat first to see if you are both compatible, as this really is important if you want to learn how to seduce any man.

Many men are highly visual when it comes to sexual desire, so to sexually attract men, you'll need to get yourself noticed for all of the right reasons:

  • Choose an outfit that shows your best assets but remember to leave something to the imagination.
  • Try a bold red lip even if you keep the rest of your makeup simple.
  • A fine mist of your favorite fragrance on your wrists and neck can help you feel confident. The scent is a powerful seductress, so choose something which makes you feel bold and empowered.
  • You'll want the man you've got your eye on to be instinctively drawn to you so you can lay on the charm when you get talking, so be sure to keep yourself in his line of sight and dress to kill if you want to catch his eye in a crowd.
  • If your focus is on someone a little younger or less experienced with members of the opposite sex, then the key to boy's seduction is to be a little more obvious as they can often be shy or awkward compared to those that have been around the block a few times before.
  • Try not to be too pushy or keen, but at the same time, don't be afraid to suggest a meet-up at a later date or moving on to somewhere a little more private if you want to take your plan for boy's seduction a stage further.

How to seduce a man with touch

Touching or massaging his skin is very important for getting your partner in the mood and can be a very sensual experience for both of you.

One of the best techniques for those who want to know how to seduce a man with touch is to seek out any visible erogenous zones that you can easily access. The scalp, for example, is filled with tingling nerve endings. The back of the neck and even the inside of the wrist are all touchable pleasure points that you can get to while fully dressed or in the company of others.

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How to seduce a man through text

Part of seduction is the anticipation of what's to come, so why not put his mind in overdrive with some suggestive messages prior to meeting up?

From flirty banter to all-out frame-by-frame descriptions of what you'd like to do during your time together, technology has made it easier than ever to seduce a man through text. Try drafting a sexy email to surprise him at work, send a few sexy lines via text message or drop him a WhatsApp with some playful suggestions and fun emojis if you don't want to take your seduction too seriously so early on.

If the lucky fella isn't too bothered about technology or text messages, there is still a wide range of ways that you can learn how to seduce a man with words alone.

This can be a powerful aphrodisiac for many men who appreciate the mental stimulation that words carry, so knowing how to seduce a man with words properly can have the same effect as even the sexiest of outfits for some people.

One tip on how to seduce a man with words is to whisper a seductive suggestion in his ear while you're out in public. This simply, slightly naught act is certain to send his imagination into overdrive without him being able to act on any urges that your words might have inspired.

Another way is to place a handwritten note or letter into their jacket or trouser pocket that they'll discover later that day. Not only will you be able to be as graphic or demure as you like without the need for blushes, but it will also allow you the opportunity to let your imagination run wild on paper and to say the things that perhaps you've always been too shy to say to his face when you are both alone.

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How to seduce your man sexually

If the time has come to embark on the physical phase of your plan for seduction, then knowing how to seduce your man sexually can give you the power to arose him within minutes.

From getting a new relationship off to a great start to adding a little extra zing to a longer-term relationship, undress slowly in front of him to give off the signals that seduction is on the agenda.

Next, you can start to stroke and caress his skin to slow down the process and prolong the pleasure of your upcoming intimate liaison. Try whispering what you want to move on to later without just jumping into bed for a rushed encounter.

If your guy is a little on the shy side and needs some extra encouragement, telling him how attractive you find him and paying close attention to the parts of his body you find most appealing with soft strokes and touches are both great tips for any woman who wants to know how to subtly seduce a man without going overboard.

If this technique works, move on to a slow massage and gentle kisses around the neck and collar bone while taking things nice and slow. Remember that seduction can play out over hours and even days if you want it to, so take your time and don't rush; the prize will be all the sweeter later on.

By now, you should know how to seduce him depending on your plans for a slow surrender or a drawn-out sexual affair where prolonging the pleasure is half the fun, so what are you waiting for?

Get to know him, dress to impress and use the tips and tricks we've discussed in this guide, and you'll soon find your confidence growing. As you become more confident in your seductive process, don't be afraid to try out a few new moves of your own.

Unleash your sexual self and embark on your mission to get the object of your desires exactly where you want him because now you've mastered the art of seduction and know how to seduce him properly, he's sure to keep coming back for more!

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