How to Get a Sugar Daddy

How to Get a Sugar Daddy
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Get a Sugar Daddy

You’re looking for a sugar daddy with no idea where to meet sugar daddies – which is where most babies begin their search. That’s right: you’re clueless but not alone. Just like myriad young men and women before you, you’re hoping to master what it takes to hook up with something better than Splenda. Thankfully, the rise of fourth-wave feminism in the digital age has shone a light on the mutual benefits of sugaring, making it easier than ever before to get in the sugar bowl. But first, let’s take it back to basics.

What Is a Sugar Daddy?

Sugar Daddy

The best way to garner honest perceptions of what it means to be in the sugar bowl is to hit up the vocab website, Urban Dictionary. According to the site’s Top Definition, ‘A Sugar Daddy is a boyfriend who comes with financial benefits. Sugar benefactors can help to cover tuition, bills, and frequently enjoys bestowing gifts upon their partners’.

Your role as a sugar baby? You will be considered as ‘[a] young female or male who is financially pampered/cared for by a sugar daddy or sugar mama in exchange for companionship’.

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How Old Is a Sugar Daddy?

It’s fair to say that for most sugar babies, age really isn’t an issue. As such, unsurprisingly, it isn’t clear whether age is mandatory sugar daddy criteria, or rather the appeal lies in the relative age difference combined with wealth. This in mind, anyone can be a sugar daddy if they can afford the terms of their partnership.

This considered, according to a leading sugar dating advice site, the average age category for sugar daddies is 45 to 60 years old. Why? With age comes financial security. In their 40s, many mature men and women reach dizzying career heights and have mastered the real estate market. Sugar babies are an affordable and consoling luxury.

Sugar Daddy

What Is a Sugar Daddy Sugar Baby Relationship?

In terms of what sugar daddies expect from your relationship, this very much depends on you both as individuals. Note that sugaring partnerships can sexually intimate or platonic, depending on the dynamic of your agreement.

In most cases, relationships of this kind are a win-win for daddies as well as young female or male singles. Stress-free and effortless, mature, successful men can fulfil their needs and desires from the companionship, whether that is sexual or not, through what is described as an ‘intensified girlfriend experience’. All the while, as we stand strong in the fourth wave of ‘sex-positive’ and ‘body-confident’ feminism, sugar babies are in a position of power, in control of relationship specifics and personal boundaries. Some wealthy guys are simply seeking an attractive companion for official work events or dinner dates during business trips. On the other hand, sugaring can be physically involving.

However you want to do sugar dating, it’s important to consider the overall emotional investment you want to make and be mindful of this during your time together. Stick to the terms you set out when you start dating, mutually and respectfully amend them along the way to ensure the relationship is fulfilling for both consenting adults involved. Therein lies the key to sugaring success, ensuring your own satisfaction and the happiness of your sugar daddy, too.

What Is a Good Date?

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How Much Should I Ask for From My Sugar Daddy?

There’s no cheeky technique for how to get a sugar daddy to give you money. There’s simply no need for underhand tactics. The sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship is a considered mutual partnership. As you build the beginnings of your rapport, confirming expectations and boundaries is integral. Keep in mind that your sugar baby allowance is in no way reflective of your personal worth. It is merely a monetary agreement for the time and effort you put into providing rapport.

A single date fee is estimated between $300 and $500, while experienced ladies can earn anything up to $1800. Likewise, monthly allowances for ongoing arrangements earn sugar babies anywhere in the region of $2000 and $1000 in large cities and $1000 to $5000 in urban areas.

Don’t forget that many sugar daddies also love to shower their partners with gifts, whether Louboutins and Tiffany jewellery or college tuition fees and all-inclusive holidays with spending money. The earnings and perks of sugaring are largely up to you.

How to Meet a Sugar Daddy

You want to get in the sugar bowl, but you don’t know how to do that. It’s a common problem for lots of young girls and guys. Hitting up local bars and clubs, consistently wondering, ‘Where can I find a sugar daddy?’ isn’t going to reward you with genuine honey daddy results. If you want to know how to find a sugar daddy in real life, you have to head online. Nowadays, the majority of matchmaking is done via online dating services, and that’s a fact no different for sugaring. Forget wasting away weeks, months, years at a time, hoping to happen upon a wealthy man who wants to spoil you. Register with a local, dedicated sugar dating website to make countless connections with mature guys seeking someone like you. After all, why settle for hometown Splenda when you can find the real thing so effortlessly onscreen.

Start Dating a Sugar Daddy Today!

Ultimately, you have all the knowledge and tools at hand to make a success of sugar dating. Forget all that social stigma; research says it’s outdated anyway. Instead, spend your time searching online for a sugar dating website that’s not inundated with global ads. Use a popular local service that can make your relationship desires a reality. Live the life you want.

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