How to Get a Married Man to Sleep with You?

How to Get a Married Man
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Signs a Married Man Is Unhappy

Sometimes, meeting a married man that you want to sleep with is about being in the right place at the right time. Often, it just happens when two people are talking, realizing that they are both attracted to one another, and then leaning in for that first kiss. If you have your eye on a married man that you think or know is unhappy, then you may have to seduce him. Flirt with him, pay him attention, compliment him, and give him those things that he is not getting at home. If you want him and he knows that you want him, which may be enough. Charm him, dazzle him with your wit, and make him laugh. If being around you makes him feel good, it isn’t going to be long before he recognizes those feelings and gives into them.

Signs a Married Man Is Unhappy

Married men that are in unhappy relationships sometimes just need a bit of attention to turn their heads. If they are perfectly happy, then it is going to be a lot harder for them to stray. What reason do they have? You can usually tell if he is unhappy with his demeanor. He may look stress, tired, anxious a lot, and just generally be a bit downcast. On the opposite end, he may be ultra-flirty with everyone, always eyeing up women and looking for attention that he is not getting at home. Perhaps he is going out more, and he is not talking about his wife unless it is in a negative way.

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When a Taken Guy Flirts with You

This is the classic sign that this man is not in a happy relationship, either that or he is a complete womanizer and has issues that mean he can’t help himself. But let’s go with the first scenario for now and assume that he is not happy at home. He flirts with you because he is looking for what he isn’t getting from his wife or partner. He wants that intimacy, that feeling you get from someone wanting you, and he is flirting with discovering if he can get it back. Now, he isn’t going to flirt with everyone, just the pretty ones that he fancies. If that is you, then you can either respond or understand that this may end up in a sexual relationship or give it a wide berth – up to you.

When a Taken Guy Flirts with You

Getting Involved with a Married Man

While being in a sexual relationship or sleeping with a married man is the perfect arrangement for some women, for others, it can be tough. There are some things to bear in mind if entering an arrangement with a married man:

  • Know what you are getting into and don’t expect more than what is being offered
  • If you develop feelings, then you need to question if you can carry on
  • Be discreet and be careful to whom you tell about your liaisons – someone may know him, or they may judge you
  • Accept that you can only see him on his terms but equally, don’t let him use you
  • Make sure that you are comfortable with the arrangement
  • Don’t expect it to last forever or hold out for him leaving his wife
  • Have fun – don’t let it become serious – remember this is a bit of physical fun
  • Don‘t get pregnant or anything to complicate things

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As long as you go into the arrangement with eyes wide open, then you can have a lot of fun with a married man, and it can also work for you and your life.

How to Walk Away from a Married Man?

This can be tough, especially if you have developed feelings for him, but this is probably the strongest reason you have to walk away from him. Married men are committed to someone else, and they have a life with perhaps children and financial commitments. To give it up for a casual affair that is just about sex is not the most likely outcome. If you really think about it, what kind of future will you have once he leaves? What can you offer him and what can he offer you? How long before one or both of you resents it and isn’t into it anymore. It is best to either keep it casual or know when to walk away. Then you have to decide it is over for good and end things. A clean break, without being manipulated back into bed and relenting every time you miss him or want to sleep with him again.

Why Would a Man Flirt with a Married Woman?

Let’s put the shoe on the other foot for a minute and turn our attention to the man that flirts with the married woman. If she is married, and he knows that she is married, why is he flirting with her? Well, he himself could be married, unhappily so, and looking for a hookup or casual dating with someone that is “SAFE.” When we say safe, we mean someone that is not going to place demands on him like leaving his marriage or getting to attached. A married man having an affair with a married woman can be more casual; both parties understand the commitments of the other and can accommodate their liaisons around this.

If you want to make your move on a married man, then choose your time and have a little patience. Alternatively, you can go online and find someone that is married and looking for some fun. Take control of the situation and make it work for you, and remember this about uncomplicated fun for both of you. Keep your dalliances discreet. Don’t get caught out and enjoy being with each other for what it is; that way, you can make the situation what you want it to be.

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