How to Seduce a Girl

How to Seduce a Girl
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How to Seduce a Girl

Although not entirely taboo, tips for how to seduce a woman are hardly passed around the family dining table. Despite being a somewhat integral aspect of dating, and lasting sexual satisfaction in long-term relationships, seduction remains a rather risqué topic of conversation. For so long, the best way to seduce a girl has been considered a science. With Pick Up Artists (PUAs), such as Neil Strauss and Erik von Markovik, gaining minor celebrity status in the noughties, society’s seduction schema evoked problematic connotations of manipulation and exploitation. Strauss’s bestselling novel-cum manual, The Game, was very much marketed as a novel-cum-manual for any average Joe who wanted to master the art of luring ladies into bed. In the #MeToo and Times Up era of today, amidst the digitally charged fourth-wave feminism, many of the book’s arguably non-consensual behaviours – such as filming sex acts without permission – would be received with outrage, as opposed to wonderment.

Nevertheless, the feminist movement has also encouraged sexual emancipation, the freedom for women to indulge in consensual intimate activities, and to embrace the needs of their libido. Discussions that began in the 80s – which view seduction less critically – are now reaching climax, while the seduction community is repositioning itself, free from the misogyny it schemed and secreted in the early years of the new millennium. That in mind, there’s never been a more pertinent period in history to ask, “Just how do men seduce women?”

Some Female Seduction Techniques

Female Seduction Techniques

To understand what entices females, it’s interesting to consider seduction techniques for a woman. What women regard as sexually alluring for guys, can provide invaluable insight into their demeanour. While it’s not likely that you would mirror these seduction techniques, you will be able to gauge your date’s way of thinking. Facilitating the potential to seduce her mind. Showing she has the confidence to be who she is might not sound like an immediate turn-on, but it works like a charm. Whether that be dressing in flattering, inviting clothing, or an introvert whispering intimately over dinner. When women can be who they really are, they are quite naturally seductive. Encourage her to feel comfortable around you, and she’ll give you endless clues into her sexuality. Imagination can work wonders.

Today, some women might choose to use your date to explore your sexual compatibility quite quickly, and others might prefer to adopt the more conventional, ‘thrill of the chase.’ Ultimately, good matches are made between compatible pairings. Women know that seduction essentially involves appealing to those covets a man keeps close to his chest.

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How to Seduce a Woman with Words

Language is a powerful force that connects us all and encompasses everything we know and do. It has the potential to work magic and used expertly can drive your woman wild. This isn’t a case of learning sets of words to seduce a woman, but more how to seduce a girl simply by talking to her.

Surprisingly, much of the skill lies in not talking at all, but attentive reception, facilitating meaningful conversation as you build rapport to create sexual chemistry. It’s true that the thought of general chit-chat can be mind-numbing, but this phatic talk forges important foundations for your intended erotic encounter.

Likewise, acknowledging social media posts with a heart or a like, commenting with simple emojis, and indulging in the cliched ‘morning beautiful’ text message narrative, is a sure-fire way of maintaining connections and teasing a woman using digital discourse. Don’t inundate her with messages. Be selective, drop in a few things to indicate you’ve remembered details of previous conversations, and share your fantasies sporadically. Therein lies a short 101 on how to seduce a woman over text.

Seduce a Woman by Touch

How to Seduce a Woman by Touch

Before you take things to become tactile, eye contact plays a huge part in seducing a woman. From an initial glance to a gaze teamed with a slight smile as she looks your way, micro-expressions can be extremely inviting. When those first glances work wonders, greet a girl with a friendly smile. As you become immersed in small talk, maintain eye contact, and use facial features to show your interest.

Once you’ve established your persona as a likeable guy, read the signs. If you know she’s interested, you can start to seduce a woman with touch. Initially, initiate physical parameters by moving closer towards her. Make her laugh and wait for her to show you that she’s interested. Perhaps she brushes your arm, speaks intimately into your ear, or opens her body towards you… it sounds like it’s time to suggest a second date.

After the first encounter, this might equate to greeting a girl by taking her hand and kissing her cheek. If she replicates, continuing to show signs of being comfortable around you, add one or two more touches, such as holding her waist as you move past her, or dance with your hand towards the curve of her back. When you’re certain of her interest, it may be appropriate to softly touch her lower thigh, suggestive of something more.

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How to Seduce a Married Woman

Don’t fall under the misconception that all married women in the US are doting wives. While the stereotyped family housewife, complete with picket fence and pinny, has passed the test of time, monogamy is fast becoming out of vogue. Besides, right now, ladies are rediscovering the wonders of leading an exciting sex life.

No matter whether you’ve fallen for a married woman or you sleeping with a cougar is an itch you’ve got to scratch, you can seduce her by offering what she hasn’t already got. Tempt her away with words: tell her just how sexy and beautiful she is and make her believe it. Chances are, she won’t feel it. Similarly, acknowledge everything she achieves on a day-to-day basis. As couples settle into the routine of man and wife, what women do often goes unnoticed or even expected, leading to emotional strain. Kind words, attentive manners, and a positive personality can really go a long way.

Forget leery chauvinism with a sprinkle of sexual assumptions. Those days are done. Be what women really want by learning the respectful, yet raunchy, techniques of 21st century seduction.

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