All About Hugging a Girl and How to Get a Girl to Hug You

Hugging a Girl
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Hug a Short Girl

Learning how to make a girl feel special will always help you have a happy relationship. While you can express your love and affection in so many ways, learning how to properly hug your girl will surely be among the best few things to try. You will be surprised to know that there are various ways to hug your girlfriend and make her realize how much you love her. Whether it's the first time you're doing it, or you've been in a relationship for some time but want to bring more passion to your hugs, the following tips will surely lend a helping hand.

How to Hug Your Girlfriend from the Back

Hug Your Girlfriend

Even if you've never thought of it, hugging someone the right way is an art to master. It gets even trickier when you talk about how to give a girl a hug from the back. When you do it, it shows that you want the attention of your partner, even though she seems busy. Hugging her that way would tell her how much you want her and feel for her. Here are a few things to remember when learning how to hug romantically from the back.

  • Approach her from behind. The best way to greet your girlfriend is with a hug. If you come home late and see your girl busy in the kitchen, be sure to give her a romantic hug. For this, you should silently move towards her from the back.
  • Avoid startling her. While the element of surprise is only going to improve the romantic nature of the hug, it can backfire too. Therefore, it is important that you don't startle her or scare her. In fact, sometimes, it's good that she knows you're home, and it works so long as she's not aware of your intentions.
  • Slowly wrap your arms around her. Once you're right behind her, wrap your arms around her as gently as possible. Hold her very close to you and gently kiss her ear or the side of her head. Now, release her from your arms slowly and leave her to whatever she was doing.
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How to Hug Your Girlfriend While Sitting

So many times, you'll find yourself in situations where you'd be sitting with your girl and want to hug her. She might have said something really innocent, or she might need some comforting. Whatever the reason, you may want to learn how to hug a girl when she's sitting. Doing it correctly would work amazingly well to reduce chances of the panic attacks and anxiety. You can get to learn how to do it properly to calm your girl down and make it easier for her to deal with her emotional rush. Here's how to give a girl a hug while sitting.

  • Start by moving a bit closer to her. How you do it will depend on where you're sitting. You may be sitting in a park, on the campus, or even in your class. If you feel like hugging her, you should slowly move towards her. This is actually a way to tell her that you're coming in for a hug. The idea is to not startle her by hugging her all of a sudden. Moreover, if you're doing it for the first time, you may even be able to notice her expressions and response before going any further. It's something you should always remember while hugging because it's an important step for anyone interested in knowing how to make a girl feel special.
  • If you feel that she's actually okay with you approaching her, you should begin by wrapping only one arm around her shoulder. The gesture will actually tell her that you're here to help. To make her feel even more special and comfortable, you may even consider squeezing her shoulder gently. You may also nudge her a little to tell her that you care.
  • Don't be shy if she seems to be disturbed and looking for some emotional support by resting her head on your shoulder. If she's already your girlfriend, she may even want to rest her head on your chest. That's okay too. Take it as a moment that brings you two a lot closer to each other. If she leans on your body, you may consider using your other arm as well and wrap it around her. The hug will make her feel secure and even take the anxiety out of the play.

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Learn How to Hug a Short Girl

If your girlfriend is not as tall as you are, you'll have to master the art of hugging her in the right way. Again, it's no rocket science, and everything goes here so long you make her feel special. However, if you're going to hug a short girl, you may want to initiate a "one-arm side hug." Here's how you can do it properly.

  • Be sure to approach your girl from the side. It will depend greatly on how you two are standing. Depending on the way you're standing, you can choose a side to hug.
  • Wrap your arm around her and slowly move closer to her. Ensure that you use the arm closest to her side to hug her. It's better to move slowly and position your arm horizontally to signal her that you're going to hug her. The idea is to take 'surprise' out of the picture.

Going for a one-arm hug is a great idea for guys with shorter girlfriends because it saves them from pushing the girl's head into their waistline. It can be embarrassing for the girl, and she may even get offended. So, be sure to keep all these tips in mind if you're interested in becoming an adorable hugger!

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