Best Ways to Meet Gay Guys

Best Ways to Meet Gay Guys
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We all know that you can easily find a hookup on dating apps, but if that is your speed, then go ahead - message some hotties on the applications. But, let's be practical: if you are looking for a long term relationship, then you may need to take a break from the applications and take time to be a part of the real world.

There are some ways that you can meet men without lowering your standard and throwing your dignity out the window. Hopefully, all of our tips will help you to land the man of your dreams.

Where to Meet Gay Men

Boyfriend of Your Dreams

You can easily meet other gay men in a number of places. The thing is taking the time to figure out where these places are.

  • Volunteer Groups - The best places to meet other gay people are in group volunteer settings where you all are fighting for the qualities rights of your community. These settings will put you in a place where you’re around other people whose morals align with yours as well.
  • Parades - One of the largest events in the LGBTQ community is pride month, where tons of parades and weekend-long celebrations take place all over the country. Going to these events will not only allow you to relax and have fun, but you will also get to be around people that want to have fun alongside you as well.
  • Speed Dating - Speed dating is a fun way to get to know your date and date multiple people at the same time. It's also an easy way to not only meet other people but also determine in a few moments if you and the other person are compatible.
  • Group Dates - Group dating takes the stress out of dating. And gives an easy-going vibe to any first date. So it's easier for you to be yourself and relax while you are on a date.
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Where Do They Meet: Find the Best Places

There are a number of places that gay men meet that doesn't exactly end in the bar. And let's be honest meeting someone in the bar isn't really set you up to be future marriage material.

  • Dating Apps - Dating applications are obviously some of the easiest places to meet people. It allows you access to thousands of profiles and the ability to get rid of the profiles that don't match what you are looking for in a partner. These applications also allow you to enhance things about yourself that you would normally not want to showcase.
  • Social Media - Social media allows you to see the real side of someone. It allows you a view into their personal lives and gets to see the things that they like to participate in with friends and family. It also allows you to see a deeper side of their personalities.
  • Community Classes - An easy place to meet people is in classes of some type, whether it is exercise, cooking, painting, educational, or cultural classes they are a great place to meet people that share your same interests. It will also open the conversation up to figuring out other interests that you may have in common.
  • Spiritual Centers - Finding a place where you can worship and not be judged for the way that you live your lives is very important. And you will be able to share your spiritual beliefs with people that also share some of those same spiritual beliefs as you do.

What Is a Good Date?

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Landing a Boyfriend of Your Dreams

The first tip that we recommend for landing a boyfriend is to abandon all dating applications as soon as possible. It's not likely that you will find someone to marry on those applications; instead, you will find someone that doesn't mind hooking up with you and then ghosting you.Next, try to join an all homosexual team. You will spend the majority of your time building bonds with the people that you are training with and could possibly find your perfect match as well. And who knows you may get quite cozy with a couple of your teammates as you all move and train together.

Take time away from doing any addictive stuff; while people use it as an escape, it may not be the strongest basis for a relationship that is just starting out. It may also cause issues later on in the relationship of addiction begins to become evident and more important in your partner's day to day life.Try to refrain from having sex on the first night. It is easy to become physical with people without thinking about it, but it is much more difficult to connect with someone on a deeper level and begin to get to know more about them than just their outer appearance.

Do not fall in love with the idea of someone or the idea of what you could change a person into. Instead, choose to fall in love with who the person is, love them for all that they are, and the potential of where they are going in their futures.

It also helps if you unfollow couples that you don't know on social media. It will help to erase all of the unrealistic ideas of what a successful couple looks like. And in the end, you will become your own set of couples' goals.Remember, everything you see on social media is not exactly how things are in reality; it is just what the couple wants you to see.

Now You Are Ready for Action

Taking the time to be yourself and understand what you want in a partner can be the difference between finding a long term relationship and finding someone who is just in it for a hookup. There is nothing wrong with hooking up, but it feels so much better when you have feelings involved with the person that you are hooking up with. Your partner is out there they are just waiting for you to step into the room!

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