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Signs of Sexual Tension
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Sexual tension, by its very definition, is the tension felt between one or two people who have a sexual interest in each other. Some signs of sexual tension can be hard to spot, whilst others are there for all to see. You know, the feeling you get deep within you when you are around somebody whom you both know you want to have sex with each other as soon as possible. The feeling of intense attraction combined with the adrenaline pumping around your body. The stiff increase in heart rate as you look into their eyes. These are sure signs of obvious sexual tension, well, obvious to you anyway!

How to Tell If There Is Sexual Tension

How Do I Know When I Have Sexual Tension with Somebody?

Sexual tension can last for mere minutes or many years, depending on if it is dealt with or not. If not, and left to grow, it can quickly become all you think about, even when you are not around that special someone instilling this feeling within you. When this happens, sexual tension can soon become something more, and in turn, can ruin relationships if the attraction you feel is to somebody you are not already romantically involved with. Sometimes, this is an inevitability, the passion becomes overwhelming and simply cannot be ignored and, in these cases, new relationships can flourish, despite the cost.

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How Do I Know When I Have Sexual Tension with Somebody?

So, you may be wondering, “How do I know when I have sexual tension with somebody?”.Well, the answer to this can present itself in many different ways. Arguably the most obvious way in which sexual tension becomes apparent with someone is with the eye contact you share and the feelings you feel within your body when you look into their eyes.

Do you often find yourself crossing gaze’s in a crowded room? Is eye contact prolonged and meaningful? Does it linger? Do you feel butterflies in your stomach when you do make eye contact with the person? All these are huge indicators of sexual tension being present between the pair of you manifesting itself through eye contact.

Aside from eye contact, another great indicator of sexual tension is experiencing “the teenage feeling.” The same excited, slightly nervous feeling felt back in your early years upon meeting somebody you found attractive. The feeling of infatuation for your new partner and desire to be ever so close to them, soaking up every essence of their personality. However, this only typically lasts from the beginning of the relationship when everything is still fresh and fades as the year's pass. But it is a fantastic indicator of sexual tension.

Signs of Sexual Tension

Signs of Sexual Tension

Whilst there are many indicators of sexual tension, not all of them are as clear to see as the rest.

Here are the most common signs of sexual tension you are likely to feel!

  1. As stated above, the most common sign of sexual tension is eye contact, if it is prolonged but doesn't feel awkward, if it feels like you just do not want to look away no matter how long you have shared a gaze. If so, it’s time to decide what to do next, are you heading to the bedroom?
  2. Subtle touching – Do you find that you are both touching each other in small ways, often? Whether that is the touch of a hand during a general conversation or a gentle stroke on the knee with theirs, if the contact is there, however little or large it may be, this is a strong indicator of sexual tension. Humans inherently touch things that they like and get as close as possible to things that they want, or are attracted to, so if it is happening more often than usual, be that consciously or not, you better believe sexual tension is present!
  3. The way you dress when you are going to be in their company – This one is a big one. Do you find yourself taking a while longer to get yourself ready when you are going to be around the person? Are you paying attention to the small details about your appearance that you normally wouldn’t? From the fine details about your hair to an extra difficult choice of outfit.

It is normal for people to put in that extra ounce of effort when they are going to be in the company of somebody they feel a sexual attraction to, so if you find yourself doing this, pay attention! If you are looking to build sexual tension with somebody, look out for the signs above closely and pay attention to how the other person reacts to your behaviour. Whilst sexual tension can manifest itself, you can instigate it with your behaviours if done properly. Start with a gentle touch of the hand in conversation, a friendly smile and some warm eye contact to get things going.

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However, you need to realise that despite how useful these tips can be with some to build the feeling of “I want to rip your clothes off” with one person, these will not work with everyone. It is so simply because not everybody you meet or are attracted to personally, feels an attraction towards you. Take each person differently as what doesn’t work for one - may work for another.

Most importantly, it is vital that you do not rush into things, the longer you allow the sexual tension to build, the stronger it will be when it comes to having sex for the first time, and if acted upon correctly can blow your mind when it does come time to get down to business. Healthy relationships and lasting bonds often come from passionate sexual experiences in the bedroom, sometimes it is better to wait, but it is ultimately down to you!

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