Sexy Pick up Lines

Sexy Pick up Lines
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Dirty Pick up

How Dirty Pick up Lines Work

Before you go out and start spouting off different pickup lines that you’ve learned throughout the years, it’s best to examine how these pickup lines work with women and men. Basically, the idea is that you will catch someone off guard with a comment that uses sexual innuendo. Not only is this going to subvert the typical banter that people expect with relationships, but it’s also a lot more exciting.

A successful pick up line also has the potential to make someone laugh. After all, the last thing you want is for a pick up line to fall flat, leaving you no way to get back into the conversation. If you make your target laugh, then there’s still a way that you can play it off and see if they are still interested in dating you or something.

That’s basically how pick up lines with a corny or dirty element to them are supposed to work. You endear yourself to a woman or man by saying something that is outlandish and helps take the tension away from the situation of meeting a new person.

Are Adult Pick up Successful?

Adult Pick up

The next most important element of using pick up lines is to determine if they are successful or not. For one thing, you have to know that there are literally schools that people attend to learn more about the ins and outs of pick up lines. Yet, these are not the places that you want to go because they encourage you to speak negatively to women.

The dirty, raunchy pick up lines that we encourage you to use are great because they are intended to be funny and offensive instead of being mean or degrading. So, science has a lot to say on the topic of social interactions. They found that there are times when sexy pick up lines will work and times when they don’t. The bottom line is that yes, pick up lines will work on people as long as you know how to successfully pull off the joke.

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Examples of Naughty Pick up Lines

There are a lot of different pick up lines that you can use throughout your time trying to pick up a woman or a man. These lines have to be used in the right situation, so gauge your audience and the room before you unleash one of them. Without further ado, here are some examples of the pick up lines that will have someone laughing and giving you their number or giving you a sidelong glance.

Examples of Naughty Pick up Lines
  • Do you need a seat? My face is available.
  • My watch is magic, and it says you’re not wearing any underwear. Oh, then it must be running 15 minutes fast.
  • I hope you have pet insurance. Why? Because I’m going to pound your beaver tonight.
  • I know about five ways to make six inches disappear.
  • If I flip this coin in my hand, what're the chances of me getting head?
  • Oh no. I’ve lost my virginity. Care to share yours with me?

All of these lines have been used in real-life situations, and you should get the idea of what they are trying to accomplish. You’re insinuating that you and your partner could work together to have some sexy and fun times.

There are some jokes that are a little cruder than others, too. For example, “Do you want to come to my house and watch porn on my 50-inch mirror?” Again, it’s funny, but you have to make sure that your target really wants to hear what you have to say before you say it.

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Where Should I Use Sexy Pick up Lines?

As with everything, there is a time and a place to use these pick up lines, and you have to know when you want to use them and when to avoid them. The best place that you can use a pick up line is when you’re already flirty with someone. That way, you have a little bit of a rapport, so the two of you can laugh off the attempt if it lands flat. Another great time to use these pick up lines is when you’re shooting a shot in a crowded room. In other words, when there are more guys than girls, then you have to be a lot bolder than them if you wish to get some attention. So, you drop one of these lines, and it will show that you have the confidence to be the right choice compared with the others.

Yet, there are other times when you don’t want to use pick up lines. For one thing, you don’t want to approach a stranger at a fancy function and drop something like this. It might work in some cases with some people, but it will mostly fall flat. Another thing you don’t want to do is appear to be a creep or intoxicated before you use one of these lines. Then, you’re not a charming and funny guy taking the seriousness out of the situation, you’re a stranger that looks dazed saying some offensive things.

> As long as you are aware of the situation, you should be fine to use pick up lines. Using a pick up line can be very fun and entertaining, and women love guys that are funny. So, while it might seem a little low brow at first, it’s an art that you can hone to help you get women that other guys won’t be able to reach. Of course, you need to read the room before dropping something truly raunchy into a conversation, but a quick whisper is easy to pull off. Basically, have fun and see where the conversations lead you!

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