New Sex Things to Try

New Sex Things to Try
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Have you grown tired of the same routine in the bedroom and have decided now is the time to reinject some passion back between the sheets? If so, here are the best new sex things to try that are sure to have you and your partner falling head over heels for each other. What once worked, works no longer. You are no longer excited about the thought of having sex; after all, it is the same routine you have practised over and over again throughout your life. Maybe the odd difference can be noticed over the years, but mostly just routine unexciting penetration.

So, now comes time for a positive change! It is time for you to feel the rush of exhilaration you one felt whilst in bed with your partner. Granted, it may have faded away in recent times, but there is always hope of turning things on their head now that you are here.

What New Things Can I Do to Spice up My Action in the Bedroom?

Spice up My Action in the Bedroom

To best spice things up in the bedroom a great starting point is by trying something completely new, something you are massively unfamiliar with. It helps if your partner also lacks experience too so you can learn together. After all, you are seeking a different challenge to what you have experienced so far in life, so to get your adrenaline pumping again, it is best to start by doing something in bed that you have never done before.

A great starting place for many wanting to add extra between the sheets is Role Play! Sexual role play is a fantastic way to enjoy yourself freely in the bedroom without worrying about being judged for acting out of character. There is an abundance of different scenarios in which you and your partner can act out with next to no background in acting, which can be tailored depending on your sexual interests. Bear in mind: the main idea is to have fun whilst rediscovering the spark that may have dwindled during your relationship. Taking that into account, here are some great scenarios that you can perform with your partner today.

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House Wife and Handyman

Do you have a burning desire to be a housewife who cleans the pipes of a handyman coming around to the house to fix the boiler, as seen in videos all over the internet? Well, now you can star in your own shown and be the housewife or handyman you always wanted to be, without needing qualifications to do so.

House Wife

Doctor and Nurse

Does being a nurse being seen to by a professional doctor get you weak at the knees with excitement? This one is best acted out in full uniform, for added effect!

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Boss and Colleague

Another great roleplay scenario in which you can either be the Boss (dominant partner in bed calling the shots) or the Colleague (Submissive, being told what to do). This one enables you to get creative with things and is a personal favourite.

Sex Ideas for Long Term Relationships

Aside from roleplay scenarios, there are several other great things you can try to feel the passion in the bedroom once again. If sex has become more like a routine and less of a thrill, try having sex somewhere in which you have never had sex, or don’t usually have sex. In changing the setting, you are opening up a whole new world of opportunity, as well as eradicating the feeling of “this is boring now.” If you are yet to try bondage, or this is something you and your partner seldom partake in, this is also a great way to galvanize your bedroom activity. Decide which of you prefers to be the dominant one, and who prefers to be submissive, purchase some silk robes (or rope for added realism) and get down to it. Not only are you able to forget your usual norms in bed and have a far greater time, but you may also open the door to a whole new sexual side to yourself you didn’t know about, leading to far greater sexual gratification on your part!

Rough Sex

Rough sex is treading a very fine line due to the violent nature of what it is, rough, so it is recommended only to do this with someone you feel totally and wholesomely comfortable with in bed. If not, it is very easy to overstep the mark, and things can easily go wrong. Boundaries as to how far things can go need to be established before starting and it helps if a safe word is introduced just in case one of you gets too carried away in the heat of the moment. With these helpful tips and new sex ideas to try, things can change between you and your partner in no time at all. The once routine sex can quickly be replaced by new, fun activities under the sheets, with great results to be had!

However, no one solution works for every couple; it is important to try a range of things to gauge what is enjoyable and what is not. It can take some time to get to grips with, but in taking the time with your partner to do so, you stand a far greater chance of finding the sexual connection you once shared and making sex great once more!

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