Kissing Tips for Guys: How to Do It Properly

Kissing Tips for Guys
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While a kiss is surely a magical experience, it also helps establish a magical connection with the right person, so it really makes great sense to learn a thing or two about how to kiss a girl. Before going any further with the techniques and some kissing tips for guys, it is important that you get to know more about different types of them.

  • The Forehead Kiss: The kiss on the forehead is usually an expression of admiration. If you're friends with a girl, kissing on the forehead means you're emotionally attached to her and treat her something more than just a friend. It may also mean that you're aiming for something romantic later.
  • Kiss on the Hand: Kissing on a girl's hand is usually a chivalrous move, but it often works great to help you show your passion for someone you like and admire.
  • The Eskimo Kiss: You're giving an Eskimo kiss to your girl if you're rubbing your nose against her and move it back and forth. You can surely try it, but remember that it is often the start of the ultimate French kiss.
  • The French Kiss: The popular French kiss happens when you kiss your girl and have good tongue action as well. It can be quite difficult to master, but you can surely give a perfect one when you do it with romance, passion, and desire to love someone. In order to learn how to kiss a girl on the lips, you should try the French kiss and be prepared to go with your emotions.

Once you know the meaning of different types of kisses, it will be easier for you to approach your girl. If it is your first kiss, it's natural to have so many questions. You may be thinking about what you should do if you bump heads or how to convince her not to get intimidated and even run away screaming. Well, here are some important things to remember to master the right way to kiss a girl.


Work on Your Breath

Understand that your breath should smell awesome, or else you're never going to make someone want to kiss you again. If you're hoping to get the opportunity to kiss your girl, prepare in advance and brush twice and gargle using the best mouthwash. Using mints would also help. Under no circumstances should you be eating onions, garlic, and even tuna before you go kiss a girl. Not working on your breath beforehand could turn your experience into a horror story.

Be Sure to Smell Nice

How you smell matters a lot, and that's true not just for your breath. You may be thinking that kissing is all about your mouth, so it's enough to make your breath smell fresh. That's not true. You'll be so close to your girl when kissing, and that's why kissing is more of a full-body experience. Be sure to take a shower and wash your hair nicely before you even start kissing the girl. Washing your hair is important, as it helps clear any dandruff, which can put her off and keep her from kissing you. Using the right fragrance is equally important as girls get attracted to men that smell good. Usually, a scented soap is enough, but wearing the right cologne would be even better.

Work on Your Lips

It's obvious that anyone would stay away from kissing a person with cracked lips. They can be extremely unappealing and irritating for the kisser. Be sure to balm up your dry or chapped lips to prepare well before you go kiss your dream girl. Here, many people make the mistake of using fragrant lip balms, which is not a great idea - most girls wouldn’t like the idea of kissing a guy with lips smelling like vanilla, strawberry, or peach.

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Be Ready to Compliment Her

When you ask experts about how to start kissing a girl, they will also tell you to compliment her a lot. Do it as you mean it, and she will feel the love and passion, which will surely make your kiss a lot more romantic. Be sure to talk about things she really likes and compliment her for what she's wearing or how she talks.

Make Eye Contact

It can be tough for the first-timers, but learning to do it will add a lot more passion to your kiss and make your girl remember forever. It is natural to experience silence before you kiss, and that's not bad at all, but be confident enough to look back to your girl and make her understand that something interesting is going to happen. Again, compliment her while looking directly into her eyes. Tell her how special she is for you, and it will help create a romantic mood.

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