Figuring out the Main Rules of Gay Dating

How to Date a Gay Guy Properly
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With so many people that are struggling to figure out who they are as a person, it can make dating difficult to do. It can be even more difficult when you are openly gay and navigating the world of homosexuality. With the homosexual community open and honest about who they are, there are equally just as many people that haven't quite come to terms with who they are. Not to mention the number of people that have an opinion on whether it is positive or negative when it comes to people and their homosexual lifestyles. Dating can be made simple if you follow a few simple guidelines to navigate the dating pool. And remember you’re not the only one out there that has a difficult time when it comes to dating.

Main Rules of Gay Dating

Gay Date Etiquette: Behave Yourself

The first rule of gay dating is obviously don't lead anyone on. There's nothing worse than getting your feelings involved with someone only to find out that the person doesn't feel anywhere near the same way about you that you feel about them.

Next, you may want to consider if long-distance is a deal-breaker. For some people it is doable, but for others dating long term is too much and will be the reason that they choose to end a relationship or continue on with the relationship.

Have manners and do not scroll on your hook up the application while you are on your date. Your date may turn out to not be exactly your type, but it is a slap in the face to sit across from your date swiping left and right on others.

Don't apologize for being who you are. If a person can't accept every single aspect of who you are then they don't deserve you or your time.

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Gay Date Etiquette: Behave Yourself

There are some dos and don’ts when it comes to how you should conduct yourself on your date. When texting use exclamation points because it helps to convey emotion through text and you are likely to land a date. If you text using periods your date mag assumes that you aren't as excited as they are to be going on a date. Avoid using words like okay or fine that can be taken as being passive-aggressive. If your future date sees you as being hostile they are likely to not want to take you on a date. Consider taking the lead and planning the date so that the responsibility doesn't fall completely on your date which can be overwhelming. Be safe if you are considering sleeping with your date on the first date. Safety is the best policy nowadays especially if your date could potentially be sleeping with more people than just you.

First Date Tips: Be Confident

Romantic Ideas for Gay Couples

There are quite a bit of unique ideas that queer couples can go on that are truly memories to be made.The first date that you should go on is getting out on a movie marathon. It gives you the perfect excuse to spend time cuddling, eating popcorn, and getting cozy together as the credits roll.Taking a ton of tourist attraction tours is a way to take a bunch of cheesy photos. Which again is an excuse to get close and be able to share moments together that you never would have expected you would be out doing.

Plan a double date with another gay couple and have a game night complete with snacks and alcohol. Nobody can say no to having a group date with friends where you can share time together as well as slowly introducing your date into your friend group.Try going to a pottery or art class it will help to bring out your creative side. You could even use the pottery class to create creative gifts for one another that you will be able to cherish for time to come and remember your date.

Go to a drive-in movie or a drive-in concert. This puts a spin on the regular move and concert-going experience. While also playing up the romantic factor as you get to maintain your own private space rather than having the intrusion of other movies and concert-goers.Think about going to a museum because you'll be able to share in a love of science, art, or history and discuss them together as you walk around the museum. It also allows you to participate in a deeper level of conversation than you'd normally engage in.

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First Date Tips: Be Confident

When you go on your first date don't turn into one of the babbling idiots that makes a complete and utter fool of themselves. Try kicking the date off with a conversation that is meaningful. When you begin a conversation with a topic that provides open dialogue you can almost guarantee that that one topic will lend itself to other avenues of the topic during the conversation. Them from there it makes finding common interests a lot easier. When you find interests that you both have you can potentially set yourself up for a second date. You all will be able to bind over an interest that captivates both you and your date's attention. End the date with a strong statement like we should do this again or the next date you get to choose what we do. That will solidify the second date and plants the seed in your date's mind that you do wish to see them again.

Go On the Date: It’s Easier than You Think

Once you move past all of the does and don’ts of homosexual saying etiquette, then dating should be a breeze. But, remember to take a breath and just go with the flow of dating. The best dates happen when you are easy going and are taking the time to truly enjoy your date and the making of memories together.

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