Learn How to Sext with Sexting Examples

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Learn How to Sext with Sexting Examples

What’s in a Good Sexting Message?

Before we get into the samples, we have to look at what fits well in a sexting message. After all, just sending a nude picture of yourself is not the best way to start off messaging a man or a woman. The first thing that you need when sexting is a little bit of context. How well do you know this person? If you’ve had hookups with them for a couple of months, then you can dive right into the deep end in terms of naughtiness. That could be something like, “I can’t wait to see what color panties you’re wearing later” or something even more provocative like pictures.

If you’re still in the early part of your relationship, then it’s a great idea for the two of you to include some flirting in your messages. While you might find some women that are going to be very open with you, guys have to take the high road and be a little more conservative with their messages. So, send some flirty messages, and if the conversation does steer towards sex, then you should ease into it with some finesse and sensuality rather than just talking about sex itself. To recap, you should have some flirting and some sensuality at first. If you’re comfortable with each other, then you can go for the hot and heavy stuff.

Times when You Should Send Some Sexts

Sexting Examples for Him

So, the question remains: when do you send sexts? Well, most of the time, it’s about the opportunity. Some people get hot and bothered by the fact that their partner is at work and sending them hot pictures and messages from their desk or the bathroom. So, when are some good times that you should send these hot messages?

One time would be just before you go out on a date together. You could arrive at her place and send her some hot messages. Then, she might even skip the date altogether and get you inside for a time that you won’t forget. However, that could also just build some tension with your partner so that the two of you think about the hot times you’ll have later.

Another great time that you could send sexts to your girlfriend or boyfriend is when you’re about to get in the shower. You could “forget” to close your towel, show them a hairstyle, or ask them innocuous questions while showing them a little bit (or a lot) of your body. There are loads of other great times to send messages to people, too. For example, you could sext at dinner, at the parents’ house, or when you’re feeling lonely and the two of you are apart.

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Sexting Examples for Him

The examples for sexting are going to get a little crude, but the chances are you’ve seen the language before. Let’s take a look at some of the things that guys can say to women to get them interested.

  1. You should call out of work tomorrow so that you have some time to recover from tonight.
  2. a. Not only is that hot, but it shows that you care for her well-being.

  3. Tell her “exactly” what you plan to do to her in any way you want.
  4. a. This is very descriptive, which is something women love.

  5. Tease her with innuendo: “I want to taste your neck” or any other body part.
  6. a. It tells her what you have in mind but also leaves the conversation open a bit.

  7. Tell her that you want a specific position.
  8. a. Not only does it let her know you are thinking about her, but it tells her you are adventurous.

Guys have a harder time sexting because they have to be different than every other guy out there if they want any credit for their work. Still, there are some surefire ways that you can get women to eat out of your hand from your messages.

Sexting Examples

Sexting Examples for Her

As a woman, sexting is a little harder because of the societal pressures about being prudish. Yet, you can still let your freak flag fly by sending some sexts while dating guys or even if you aren’t in a relationship. Just remember that you should remain in control of the messages and never feel forced to send messages you don’t want to.

Now, to the fun part. Some of the sexts women could send include phrases like:

  1. I’m touching myself right now. Are you?
  2. a. Then you can show him that you’re actually doing it.

  3. Send nude pictures.
  4. a. This is the simplest way to a man’s heart and zipper.

  5. If you guess the color of my panties, I’ll let you take them off me next time I see you.
  6. a. He’ll probably be warming up his car in five minutes.

  7. When you text me, and I don’t answer, it’s because my hands are busy.
  8. a. It makes his mind go to all the dirtiest places.

Men might be easier to please in this respect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some unique fun with him.

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Finding a partner that is comfortable with sexting is one of the most exciting things about relationships. That way, the two of you can get together in the digital world and tell each other all the naughty things that cross your mind. If you get things going well enough, it’s more akin to foreplay. By the time you see your partner, they will be ready to go without delay. So take these tips, apply them to your daily life, and see what happens when you start getting down and dirty!

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