What Makes a Woman Physically Attractive?

What Makes a Woman Attractive
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Look for in Women

What Do Men Look for in Women?

The idea that there is one thing that will catch every man’s attention is inherently wrong. However, science does tell us that there are several different elements of a woman’s physical and mental being that are more attractive than others. For example, one of the first things that guys look at in a woman is if he is able to make her laugh. He wants to know that you have a comparable sense of humor and that you appreciate his attempts at being witty.

Yet, that’s not all that guys want. They are looking for special things in a woman, such as a high voice, something that indicates that she is youthful and feminine. That being said, women will often speak in a deeper voice to guys that they are attracted to. Science has a lot to say on the matter of attraction. There are generally two areas in which women garner the highest amount of focus: their face and their body. It might seem like an odd way to divide a woman, but there are certain things that men want to see in an attractive woman.

Things Men Look for in Facial Appearance

 Facial Appearance

The first area we’ll focus on is the face and its overall appearance. According to science, one thing that attracts the attention of men is a woman’s smile. After all, if she’s smiling at a man, then it makes him feel like he has her attention and that she likes him. Yet, that only tends to work when the rest of the face follows that smile, to her eyes, for example.

Another interesting element about women’s faces that men find attractive without knowing is symmetry. That is when the two sides of the face are alike and share the same qualities with the other. This is something to do with a woman’s overall health and youth, and scientists are still working out exactly what it is about symmetry that gains a man’s interest so well.

Last but not least, science has shown that men have a preference for women that wear less makeup. This natural look makes ladies appear more youthful and less likely to cover up their faces with too much makeup that seems to be all the rage in the present time. Together, these elements make a man more attracted to a woman’s face.

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What Guys Think of Your Body

There are other things that guys think about with regards to a woman’s attractiveness. While everyone thinks that men are looking at the bust line and posterior, the facts are a little different. For starters, one of the things that men find attractive without knowing, similar to facial symmetry, is a body that has a certain level of the waist to hip ratio. This is often regarded as the hourglass figure in women. These ladies have all the right curves, and they seem to be in all the right places. Basically, a woman will have a tight waist and larger hips. Some guys just dig the look, but the attraction is deeply rooted in the belief that women are more fertile and healthier when they have this look. Thus, men believe that their match has a perfect body when this ratio is met.

That’s not all guys are looking for in a woman’s body, though. Guys will also pay attention to the way a woman carries herself through her posture. In other words, a woman that has a posture indicative of being open and willing to socialize will be more appealing to one that has her arms crossed and slouches. This goes back to the unspoken rules of socialization, where only 10% is verbal, and the rest is in body language and tone.

Another thing that men find very attractive in women is the color of clothes that they are wearing when they meet. Guys have a thing for red because it grabs attention and makes men think of lusty thoughts. So, if you’re looking for a guy, ditch the little black dress and start making a statement in red.

Guys Think of Your Body

How You Can Improve Your Image when Seeking Men

Now that you know what men want in a woman, here’s how you can capture the look. For one thing, you can try to smile more when you’re in conversations with men that are attractive to you. During this time, you can also practice body language that is open and inviting rather than closing yourself off from them with crossed arms and a furrowed brow. Speaking of the brow, one of the ways that you can increase your overall facial symmetry is by trimming and styling your eyebrows. This is pretty easy to have done by a professional.

The next step towards being attractive to guys is by hitting the gym. Work on the glutes, maintain healthy body weight and ensure that you are able to keep up with your potential partner in all ventures. Last but not least, it’s a good idea for you to pick your colors carefully. While red is bound to get his attention, it’s also a color that will get you attention from other women. That can lead to a little jealousy and make it harder to get a man.

There are a lot of ways to find a great partner by being attractive. While men will consider your face and body individually, by making them both great, you will be able to experience a high level of success. Remember, though, that your personality is just as important as your body to men. You want to make sure that the two of you are actually a good match and not simply attracted to one another’s body. Long-term relationships can take longer to find, but they are worth it in the end.

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