The Signs That a Married Woman Wants to Cheat with You

Married Woman Wants to Cheat with You
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The Signs That a Married Woman Wants to Cheat with You

One-step on from recognizing the signs that a married woman likes you are spotting the signs that a married woman wants to sleep with you. While you may just be enjoying innocent flirting at this stage, how can you tell that she wants to take things further with you? We examine the signs that a woman wants to have an affair with you, how to start an affair and, if you have yet to meet a married woman for an affair, where and how to find one.

How to Know if a Married Woman Wants You?

Married Woman Wants You

How do you know the married woman in question, and is there in fact a married woman on the scene? If you are spending time with someone that has caught your eye and you suspect that she fancies you, how do you know that she actually wants you and is willing to take it to the next level? Fancying you is one thing, but taking that next step could be risky.

  • How do you know this woman, and what impact will it have on your friendships or situation?
  • When do you see her and in what circumstances and when you see her does she smile at you, flirt with you, make an effort to talk to you, or go all coy and nervous around you?
  • Does she seem to be making more of an effort when she knows you are going to be there and making it obvious that she is into you?
  • Are there tactile gestures such as moving closer to you, touching your arm, or stroking you?
  • Has she made sexual innuendos towards you or made flirty comments?

If you are confident that she fancies you, then how do you know that she is ready and willing to embark on an affair with you? Ascertaining that she wants to cheat with you is the first step before you go ahead and act on this.

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Starting an Affair with a Married Woman

If she is flirting outrageously, making suggestions of a sexual nature, and spending more time with you, then it is up to you to wait for her to make a move, give her the encouragement to do so or take the first step yourself. Perhaps a suggestion that you take her out somewhere you can be alone together could be the next move. Go for coffee to start with and then suggest dinner or drinks or going somewhere discreet where you can spend time together. If she wants you and you want her, then you will both realize quite quickly, and you will embark on an affair. She needs to be confident that your sexual encounters are going to be discreet, and you aren’t going to be risking getting caught out. She is also going to want some reassurance that you understand her situation.

Affair with a Married Woman

How to Get a Married Woman into Bed?

If she wants you, then it is not going to be a question of how you get her into bed, but when. Often, you both really want to spend some time together, but finding that time can be difficult. She needs to make excuses to get away, and you both need to find somewhere you can be together without getting caught. You obviously can’t go to her place, but what about you? Is that somewhere that you can both be comfortable without fear of being caught? If you live in a small town, sneaking around can be difficult, but there are ways and means if you are clever about it. It may be that you go out of town where no one knows you, and you can enjoy spending time together without any risk of being caught.

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Getting a Married Woman to Leave Her Husband

Whether or not she is going to leave him is not going to be down to you unless you are one hell of a negotiator. She may have children. She may be financially tied. There may be other reasons why she can’t or won’t leave. If she is really unhappy, you genuinely want her, and whatever she comes with and if you are in love with her, then the first step is to reassure her that you will be there for her. If she is going to leave her husband and the security of what she currently has, then she needs to know that she is going to be safe and looked after with you. You need to be 100% sure that it is what you want because once she leaves, you can’t let her know. If you are just on a power trip and just want your ego-stroking, then don’t play with her life and her feelings like that.

Finding a Married Woman for an Affair

If you want to have an affair with a married woman but don’t know any, then where do you find one? If there is someone at work, at the gym or in another area of your life, then it will be easier to find them, but what if you don’t encounter anyone? Online dating is a good place to discover like-minded people that want the same as you. If you are looking for something casual with a married woman, there are plenty online in your area that you could choose from. Simply get yourself signed up, create your profile, be specific about what you want, and then either let the site find someone for you or discover someone by using the filters of the site to meet specific women that meet your requirements.

Recognizing the signs that a married woman wants you can be easier for some than others. It may be obvious, or it may be subtler. If you have a good instinct for these things, then you just need to work out how you are going to act on it. If you want an affair with a married woman and you are confident that she wants the same, it is just a matter of both acting on these feelings to take the next step. If you haven’t found a married woman yet but are looking for one, then it is just a case of getting yourself online. Whatever you do, make sure it suits you both and that you have fun above anything else.

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