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Most Common Sexual Fetishes and Sexual Kinks
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Fetish List of the Most Common Fetishes

Whether toes make you tingle down below, being submissive makes you weak at the knees, or your libido goes wild for women in lingerie, there are countless common fetishes amongst US citizens. And most of us have them. It’s true. Although sex-positive and body-confident discourse has become prevalent in recent years, so many different fetishes still haven’t been stripped of their social stigma. Yet, according to a 2015 study, which explored the fetishes of over 1500 Canadian participants, there’s really nothing unusual about enjoying kinky fantasies. Dare we say it… it might even be mainstream.

You might question whether there’s such a thing as normal fetishes as we break away from trusty vanilla conventions. The answer? Yes, and no. Paradoxically, no matter how common sexual kinks or common fetishes are, they’re a long way from being considered under the umbrella of everyday sex inclinations. As Dr. Joyal and colleagues suggest, this is mostly because, in the past, fetishes have predominant received attention in respect of correlating pathological disturbances. Quite the rap for what has been revealed as rather ordinary behaviour, as almost 50 percent of us have a thing for at least one ‘deviant’ sexual activity. Even today, at a time when unconventional lifestyles are increasing in popularity, speaking with Allure, sexologist Dense Reyne notes that the terms fetish and kink are often used interchangeably, often evoking images of PVC and whips. The reality is much broader with countless preferences coming into play.

In truth, whether you have a kink you like to indulge during sex, or your entire sexuality revolves around an ‘atypical’ fetish, you’re not alone. There are plenty of people out there who love to explore yearnings for hot fetishes. And while that’s oh-so good to know, you searched your way to this page wondering, “What are the most common fetishes?” – we don’t like to disappoint.

Fetish List of the Most Common Fetishes

The Most Common Fetish

Wherever you reside in the Western world, there are universal trends across top fetishes. Ten of the most common kinks include:

  1. Group Sex
  2. Spanking
  3. Sensory Play
  4. Roleplay
  5. Bondage
  6. Anal Sex
  7. Orgasm Manipulation
  8. Homosexual Fellatio, Cunnilingus, Intercourse
  9. Lingerie
  10. Cuckolding

Whether gender influences the proclivity of particular activities or behaviours is open for debate. Although men have been found to have broader interests than women. Romantic emotions and locations have been found to be important in sexual turn-ons for both sexes, while common kinks for guys include receiving oral sex and group sex with more than one female.

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The Most Common Fetish

Using their own extended version of Wilson’s Sex Fantasy Questionnaire, Joyal and his colleagues found that an interest in being sexually dominated was a ‘significant predictor’ of an individual’s partiality for fetishes.

This finding prevails whether you hit up your famous female-centric glossy mag, scholarly articles, or the deep depths of PornHub stats. In line with previous research and informed anecdotal insight, light BDSM is consistently considered as an entry into the arena of kink.

Meeting People Who Share Your Sexual Fetishism

Meeting People Who Share Your Sexual Fetishism

With so many types of fetishes, not to mention the traditionalist vanilla types, it can be tricky to connect with people who share the same sexual fetishes. Especially so, if you’re searching for sexual satisfaction on your city’s dating scene. Nevertheless, it isn’t impossible to find people with love for fetish sex. Stop hoping to happen upon like-minded friends with benefits the old school way and make the most of what the Web has to offer.

Online dating is unquestionably the superlative solution for anyone hoping to hook up with someone to take care of their common kinks. While you might not luck-out on a generic dating site, dedicated fetish hook up services provide the ideal platform to meet local, potential partners in your area of the USA. The best bit? Unlike real-world hookups, you can be certain that every person you come across via a fetish or kink website is open-minded and seeking someone just like you. With endless kinky personals and profiles to peruse, as well as safe, saucy chat rooms, it’s possible to set up your next sexual, casual encounter from the comfort of your own home. As conversation flows effortlessly online, behind the security of the screen, you’ll feel emancipated, free to reveal your naughtiest desires.

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Living a Life of Kink

If there’s one thing you can take away from your time spent reading this piece, know that fetishes and kinky sexual activity are quickly becoming the norm amongst today’s singles and contemporary couples, too.

Keep in mind that research has shown common sexual fetishes exist, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. All those raunchy ruminations you’re having can become a reality. Just join a specialised fetish dating service and see your fantasy come into fruition. Let your libido lead the way.

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