First Gay Boyfriend: How to Find One?

First Gay Boyfriend
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Congratulations on coming out and letting the world know that you have officially arrived. We know that was no easy task for anyone involved and may take some getting used to for those that are apart of your family and inner circle. Now it's time to begin dating, and this can absolutely send someone into a whirlwind of emotions and situations that they never thought they would ever find themselves in. No need to worry, it won't stay crazy for long, but it will definitely take some time to get used to it.

Get ready for finding your first love and definitely dealing with your first heartbreak. It can be a different world, especially when it comes to matters of homosexuality and the heart

First Gay Relationship Advice

First Gay Love: Don’t Be Afraid

Don't get upset when your mother makes a big deal out of you having your first boyfriend. It's the same way with hetero couples: when they first begin dating someone, their parents hear wedding bells, and, yes, you will be creeped out every time they mention you have children in the near future.

Try your best not to spend time comparing yourself to your partner; you all are individuals that decided to be together. And you decided to be together for the very things that make you the person you are.

And some of the best advice is going with the flow. Allow yourself to become enthralled with the ups and downs that make a relationship a relationship. Don't put so much pressure on yourself to know right away if your partner is the one instead enjoy the freshness of your new relationship.

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First Gay Love: Don’t Be Afraid

The thing to know about your first homosexual relationship is that you are going to have quite a few doubts in the very beginning. You'll be wondering if you made the right decision getting into the relationship and if the person is good for you at all. No one wants to wake up twenty years from now facing divorce. Cue all the memes about Tamar Braxton and her now ex-husband that she accused of being gay. Regardless this doubt is completely normal in any relationship.

Your bank account will thank you because when you date the same sex, you are sometimes able to share clothing. Which means less money spending and more time spent raiding each other's closets. Unless their taste is completely different from yours.

You will be able to explore intimacy together because not everyone is a natural when it comes to getting it done between the sheets. You will be able to have all of your awkward first moments together and be able to laugh about them together as your relationship progresses.

Jealousy may not be a thing of the past, especially when you go into public settings, and someone is openly checking out your partner. In fact, this may make your jealousy worse. But if you have that and loyalty, there is no reason you should let jealousy get the best of you.

Gay Relationship Problems

Gay Relationship Problems

One of the biggest problems when it comes to a homosexual relationship is intimacy in public settings. People around you may frown or have other strong opinions about how you and your partner express your love for one another outside of the confines of your home. And this, in turn, may cause tension between you, your partner, and the outside world. You should eliminate the issue that pertains to secrecy and hiding your relationship from others. It almost always ends with one partner asking for more and the other partner not being willing to take that step just yet. Another huge issue is not treating each other with the love and respect that you would expect to receive in any other relationship that you are part of. Also, defining gender roles can put unnecessary strain on yourself and your partner. It is easier said than done to clearly define each of your roles in the relationship, but defining these roles may alleviate unnecessary strain and stress.

Secret Gay Relationship

Coming out can be hard, but it can be worse when you are still in the closet and haven't yet come to full terms or come to the point where you are ready to be out to the world. One reason it can be quite difficult when you are dealing with heartache. When people deal with a break up, they need someone to vent to and relay all of the things they are feeling. That shoulder to cry on can be hard to find when no one knows you were in a relationship, to begin with.

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Also, secret relationships can make it hard to relate to other people and what they are going through or you are going through. Because your relationship is secret, so you can't say a number of things that would let your secret out.

Although there are a number of reasons to get rid of secrecy when it comes to a relationship, there is a good reason people continue to revel in secrecy. And that is the adrenaline rush they get from sneaking a kiss or a cuddle here and there. It can bring a level of excitement to the relationship that you normally wouldn't have if everybody knew who you were dating. But that excitement can easily be overshadowed by the stress that secrecy can cause for you and your partner.

First Doesn't Mean Last

Remember: just because something is the first doesn't mean it will be the last. It’s your first relationship, you are still figuring out yourself and your partner, so enduring that you take your time to navigate the relationship is extremely important. If it is your last relationship, then you've done something others have only dreamed of doing and that is finding love at first site.

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